Lotus Plus Facade Paint



Capillary hydrophobic silicone resin emulsion paint with encapsulated film protection against algae and fungal attack. Highly permeable to CO2 and water vapour, highly water-repellent, suitable for mineral and organic substrates. Non film-forming and microporous. Alkali resistant and unsaponifiable.

Water vapour permeability:

high V1

Water absorption:

low W3


White or tinted




approx. 0.2 l/m2

Form of Delivery:

12.5 l/bucket (24 buckets/pallet)
  5.0 l/bucket (64 buckets/pallet)


WE - additional protection for working temperatures > +1°CWE - additional protection for working temperatures > +1°C


Cool and frost-free.

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HUMA Lotus Plus Facade Paint
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