Sol Silicate Paint (Mineral Paint)



High-quality silicate paint according to DIN 18363, section 2.4.1 with very good adhesion properties. Ideally suited for mineral substrates, matt dispersion and silicone resin old coatings and plasters as well as ETICS systems. Durable and chalk-resistant. Mineral matt surface. Fast re-drying after precipitation and dew moisture.

Water vapour permeability:

high V1

Water absorption:

low W3


White or tinted




approx. 0.2 l/m2

Form of Delivery:

15.0 l/bucket (24 buckets/pallet)
  5.0 l/bucket (64 buckets/pallet)


AF - additional protection against algae growth and  fungal infestationAF - additional protection against algae growth and fungal infestation


Cool and frost-free.

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HUMA Sol Silicate Paint (Mineral Paint)
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