Tradition meets Innovation.

The name HUMA FARBEN GMBH stands for tradition and innovation. Many years of experience and state-of-the-art technology make it possible for us to produce the many different materials in our comprehensive product range. We attach great importance to consistent high quality in our products


Using colorimetry and state-of-the-art technological procedures our research department is able to guarantee continuous quality management and control.

We mainly use pure and high quality natural materials for our paints and plasters. In particular finely ground marble, calcite, kaolin and talcum, derived from natural sources, serve as fillers and grains. The raw materials are mixed according to well proven recipes and the relevant colour pigments and additives are subsequently added.


The environmental aspects are also of paramount importance in the development of our special coating materials. Primarily solvent-free systems are used. Mainly paste consistency products for mineral-based undercoats are manufactured for all European countries on the basis of synthetic resin, silicate and silicone bonding medium.

With our state-of-the-art production equipment we are able to work quickly and flexibly both in shade production as well as with smaller and larger batch production. Using these methods a large percentage of our products are ready for nationwide delivery within a short space of time.