A Family Business for over 80 Years.

Today, HUMA in its third generation offers a wide spectrum of services including high quality products, customer-oriented service and competent advice and support. 


The grandfather of today’s company director Klaus Hudelmaier, founded a lime works in Mögglingen.



Due to environmental issues, Otto Hudelmaier closes the lime works in Mögglingen and establishes the company HUMA-Farben  – a production plant for emulsion and mineral-based paints for the craftsman’s trade and specialised paint dealers.



Word spreads about the quality of the HUMA paint and the company grows from strength to strength. HUMA-Farben starts supply for the industry.



Otto Hudelmaier and his son Klaus establish the company HUMA FARBEN GMBH and work together as partner and director in building the company up further.



Klaus Hudelmaier is the sole shareholder and director of the company.
As a qualified chemical engineer, his main emphasis lies in customer
requirements and working consistently on the further development
of the company.



State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment introduces extraordinary possibilities in colour production and small and large batch manufacturing. It is now possible to supply a large amount of products nationwide within a short space of time. 



Die HUMA-Farben GmbH extends its distribution network to an
international level.



The introduction of Color Mix P – the patented dosage system for the building site.
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